Thank you to everybody who attended this year’s KVIT conference, see you again next year!
Photographs and recordings from the event will probably be uploaded to our youtube channel and other social media sites within the forseeable future and then be linked here and on our facebook page.

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20 September
9:00 to 16:30

This year's theme

Your Brain in the Digital World:

A modern survival guide for our digitalized society

This year’s theme encompasses questions relevant to everyone in today’s highly digital life. How does technology such as the internet and social media affect our thinking and behavior? How can we use technology as the powerful tool it is without becoming a tool of technology ourselves?

This Year’s Programme

To tackle this year’s theme we have a line-up filled with expertise from a wide range of backgrounds. These fascinating talks will look at how we as individuals and our communities can navigate the endless possibilities provided by our digital environment and yet avoid its pitfalls.

09:00 Entrance

09:30 Welcome Speech

Hjalmar and Simon Portrait

Hjalmar Norell & Simon Berglund

“From Cognitive Science at LiU to UX-designers and own business”

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Pawel Portrait

Pawel Herman

“Unlocking the brain's mysteries with computer simulations – different routes to the digitalisation of society”

Read more 10:40-11:25

11:30-12:45 LUNCH

Jesper Portrait

Jesper Åström

"What happens in a world where centralized power is challenged by decentralized capabilities?"

Read more 12:45-13:30
Ingrid Portrait

Ingrid Forsler

“Neuromyths or new insights? A critical perspective on the dominance brain-based perspectives of media use”

Read more 13:45-14:30

14:30-15:00 Swedish fika and networking

15:00-16:30 Discussion panel

Carolina Portrait

Carolina Olsson - Moderator

An experienced moderator and a guide through complex conversations

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About KVIT

KVIT (Kognitions-Vetenskap och Informations-Teknologi) is an annually held conference organized by an elected group from the Cognitive Science program at Linköping University. The aim is to give students, businesses and the public a meeting place and insight into the very latest in the interaction between humans and technology.

At the conference, we offer visitors a mix of rewarding workshops, interesting lectures and thought-provoking discussions with academics and experts.


KVIT is organized by a subcommittee to the Linköping University’s Cognitive Science program’s student’s division KogVet.

  • President

    Victor Karlströmer

  • Treasurer

    Andreas Perjons

  • Public Relations

    Ida Allander

  • Web Master

    Alexander Eklöw

  • Speaker Coordinator

    Leo Odell Johansson

  • Graphic Designer

    Carolina Claesson

  • Event Coordinators

    Emma Witt & Ella Olsson